Robert sitting at a writing deskRobert has been attending Southwell for several years. Each week he meets up with Elizabeth, a retired Head Teacher and much-valued volunteer who supports him with literacy. He also participates in other Reach activities in Southwell and Newark.

Robert says:

“Elizabeth helps me have more confidence with reading.  We do talking, reading, spelling and writing. She helps me with hard words. It helps in everyday life. Improving my reading helps me to text people on the phone and to read menus in restaurants. My (TCP) staff help too, we look at hard words in the newspaper. Elizabeth helps me think about spelling – but no pressure, she is patient. She asks me what I’m doing this week and we talk about it.

I don’t want my mum worried about me bored in my flat. I go bowling on Friday with Reach Newark – I like to go and see friends and have fun. Trying out Men’s Group too – we went to Clumber. I like being out more, getting out of  Southwell! If I’ve got problems or feel under the weather I can speak to people at Reach. If there was no Reach I would be miserable!”