We have put together a fundraising pack to assist you if you intend to run an event in aid of Reach.

The pack is available on request; please use our contact form. Alternatively you can download the pack contents from this page; simply click the images for whichever items you require and save the files to your computer.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that if you fundraise in aid of Reach you must agree to the following:

  • Reach cannot accept liability for any event or activity you put on to raise funds for Reach. Please check you have the correct insurance for your activity. If you are having a stall at an event you may be covered under the event insurance or by the venue insurance.
  • Raffles that are going to be drawn over more than one day will need a licence which can be obtained from the local county council. Raffles that are to be drawn on the same day will not need a licence. (These rules will apply to the lucky squares raffle in the fundraising pack).
  • Collections- If you would like to do a street collection, a licence will need to be obtained from the local district council. Collections within a business or premises will need permission from the person who owns the building/ land.
  • By holding an event or raising funds for us you are agreeing to pay all monies raised to Reach.
  • If you are selling alcohol at your event you will need to obtain a licence.
  • If you are using the Reach logo please do not edit it in any way. Please also include our registered charity number 1076318.

  • What's in your pack & Terms and Conditions

    What’s in your pack & T&Cs

  • Fun ways to fundraise for the General Public

    Fun ways to fundraise for the General Public

  • Fun ways to fundraise for businesses

    Fun ways to fundraise for businesses

  • We are fundraising poster

    We are fundraising poster

  • Thank you poster

    Thank you poster

  • Lucky squares page 1

    Lucky squares page 1

  • Lucky squares page 2

    Lucky squares page 2

  • Reach A4 leaflet

    Reach A4 leaflet

  • Standard bunting

    Standard bunting

  • Bunting - reduced ink version

    Bunting reduced ink

  • Cupcake flags

    Cupcake flags

  • Sponsor form - PDF version

    Sponsor form – PDF version